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Waste management

AJBD advises the public and private sectors in waste management optimisation, from waste collection to disposal. AJBD provides local authorities with a range of support tools adapted to their specific context in order to conduct a fine analysis of the service and find practical and pragmatic solutions.


AJBD advises institutional players, operators and professionals of transportation in the reduction of their activity’s environmental impact (road freight, inland waterway, seaway). AJBD’s expertise is related to the support of public policies decision-making as well as the practical implementation of transportation policies.

Sustainable mobility

AJBD supports the public and private sectors in the definition of sustainable mobility policies, at the scale of the company, the public institution or the territorial level. AJBD offers his expertise in the elaboration of sustainable mobility policies and advises public and private players in the optimisation of their vehicles fleet and their employees’ mobility.

AJBD is an independent consultancy in the field of the environment. Our areas of expertise cover waste management, transportation and sustainable mobility.

We advise more than forty clients every year:

  • Local authorities
  • Public institutions and agencies: ADEME (French Environmental Agency), Ministries (ecology and transportation), Seaports…
  • Private companies and Eco-organisms (collective not-for-profit private companies)

Our extensive experience and skills enable us to offer the following services:

  • Organisational, technical and economical studies
  • Strategic diagnoses
  • Legal and strategic intelligence
  • Cost accounting
  • Carbon monitoring
  • Planning
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Information system (database, international benchmarks, …)
  • Program evaluation
  • Modelling / economic forecast
  • Survey
  • Building and leading stakeholders’ networks

In 2014, ABBD-Environnement and AJI-Europe have operated a strategic merger to create AJBD. This operation allows us to complete and strengthen our competences and our teams, enlarge our network and our geographic area of intervention.